September 29, 2019

I apologize for not keeping up with my newsletter and web-site.  I post everything
on my Facebook Page as I go along with various projects.
 I am having trouble
linking to my FB page, so just copy and paste this in your browser:

I am still making houses but several have been in the larger 1" scale so I do not
list them in my Etsy shop.  I did not do any summer shows and I have not been
making any items for the shows or my shop.  But, I have two shows coming up in
October, the first being the Ohio National Doll Show and the second is the
Cleveland Miniature Show.  I have a lot of houses for the Miniature show but did
not have very much for the doll show.  So I have been working on some "altered"
wooden wine boxes turning them into little cases for the little 8" Delton antique
"reproduction" dolls that I used to sell in my shop Cricket's Collectibles back in
the early 2000s.

I had 6 of the little Delton dolls which were the sample dolls from my shop.  I am
keeping 2 of them but I am trying to finish at least 3 of the cases for the Ohio
National Doll Show which is next weekend!  I looked for more of the little dolls to
purchase on the secondary market but they do not seem to be readily available.  
The ones that I found were not in "mint" condition and I am not interested in used
items for this purpose.

I enjoyed making the first 2 little boxes but I am more interested in trying some
new ideas for vignettes so I will finish the last two boxes and that will be all of
Please excuse the messy background...I took these photos in my workroom as my regular
photo location is now taken up with several little houses and felted mice looking for home or
at least a little scene where they had their own special spot.  That is my winter project!