Caroline's Closet
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Judy Rankine
160 North Main Street
New London, OH  44851

I am no longer making cloth dolls.  My new adventure is
making little houses which I am selling mainly at shows.  I
have an Etsy shop but usually do not have enough inventory to
list in the shop.
You can contact me by going to the Home page and clicking
on my Facebook or Etsy link and then send me a message.
I don't do any special orders but I hope that you might be able to
attend one of my shows.

I am using this web-site as my Blog.  I have almost daily
information on my Facebook page but I will add new photos
and instructions on this site as much as possible.  I will make a
separate page for each house so that you have all of the pictures
and information together and do not have to search my
Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting!