Caroline's Closet
About Me
I have been making dolls for over 40 years.  For many of
those years, my sister Dianne and I made the dolls under the
trade name of Jessie Bishop dolls.  We retired in 2000 and
Dianne now owns her own shop:  Main Street Dolls and More
in Brownsburg, Indiana.  
www.mainstreetdolls.com  After an
absence of 8 years, I have returned to doll making and
exhibiting at doll shows.  I really missed being a part of the
Doll World and am happy to be back.
I have always loved the look and feel of cloth dolls.  I  sculpt
my doll's heads and have a master mold made.  I create the
heads in ceramic bisque which I cover in cloth and hand paint
to create a soft, natural appearance.  The bodies are cloth with
wire used in the fingers.
Caroline was the first doll in my fashion series, introduced in
2008.  I added her brother, Christopher in 2009.
My next group of dolls were slightly smaller, 24", and
consisted of Annie, Sadie and a smaller version of Caroline.  I
also made some versions of Melanie in the 24" size.
Early in 2010, I designed 29" Flapper dolls, Edith, Pauline
and Daisy.  These were made with the Elizabeth head.   I also
sculpted a head that was intended to be a sad French Clown.  
But something happened in the production and I really liked
the doll as a young lady.  I called this "clown" Pierotte and
have created her in several different styles.  I made a smaller
26" version of Pierotte and she is currently in production in
several variations.  I resculpted a version of my
granddaughter Makena from a photo of her at 12 years of age.
In 2014 I designed a group of dolls dressed in the early 19th
century style, the Jane Austen series.  I made a set of 2 dolls
from the Pride & Prejudice story, Lizzie & Darcy.I am now
experimenting with paper mache, paper clay and repainting
Monster High dolls.  I will be making elves and
fairies from
polymer clay along with little houses for them in 2018.

I will not be making the cloth dolls after this year.  I have
several new ideas that I want to finally start working on.  I
will post photos on my Facebook Page:  Judith Rankine

29" Pierotte
26" Melanie

Makena at 12
26" Pierotte
24" Carolline